WSU Tri-Cities

Winter Weather Safety

Campus is open and on schedule.

At WSU Tri-Cities, it is extremely rare that campus would be closed for inclement weather.

If campus is closed or operations are delayed, the message will be communicated through all local news media, WSU e-mail, the WSU Tri-Cities web site, Facebook, Twitter, the WSU Alert system, and other methods as needed or available.

Instructors need to communicate with students

Faculty who want to adjust their class schedules — send an assignment to be done remotely or cancel class ó are responsible for contacting their students, ideally through the Angel system, zzusis or email. We want to avoid having students drive through potentiallyprecarious weather conditions only to find out their instructors arenít on campus. Students, check with your instructor if you have doubts about traveling to campus for class.

Employees: Plan ahead and know the rules

Employees who might need to adjust their work schedules should make arrangements with their supervisors. WSU employees should be aware of the personnel processes for periods of inclement weather and for the possibility of suspended operations (

Make sure your vehicle is prepared

In preparation for winter, remember to check your vehicle. Brakes, batteries, wiper blades, and all lights should all be checked to be sure they are working properly, and replaced if worn or broken. Verify your tires have suitable tread, or install snow tires.

Also, consider carrying an emergency kit, including items such as a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, flashlight, blankets, tire chains or approved tire socks, kitty litter or traction sand for use on icy roads, gloves and a basic tool kit. For longer trips, carrying food, water, extra clothing, and a fully charged radio or cell phone are also suggested.

Drive slowly and walk carefully

Remember to allow additional time and space when driving in winter. Drive at a slower speed, steer more slowly, accelerate and brake more slowly, and leave extra distance between vehicles. Check weather conditions before leaving and, if youíre not comfortable driving, stay home. The Washington State Department of Transportation maintains statewide road and weather reports on its website at

The WSU Tri-Cities grounds crew makes every effort to clear the campus sidewalks each morning before classes begin. But when there is compact snow or ice on the ground, it’s wise to wear weather-appropriate shoes and gear and to walk carefully in parking lots.

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