Vision for WSU Tri-Cities

Signature 2020 – Destination 5000


As the only public four-year institution in south central Washington, WSU Tri-Cities is uniquely positioned to support the region's economic development and higher education needs.

Our success will be realized by innovative partnerships that leverage our region's assets. With the distinction of being one of the few university campuses in the United States immediately adjacent to a national laboratory and some of the world's largest engineering firms and globally-competitive private businesses, we will specialize in personalized education that meets the growing demand for industry-ready graduates.

In 10 years, our campus will serve 5,000 students, of which 80% will be undergraduates and 20% will be those in pursuit of master's and doctoral degrees.

We will be a destination campus for the greater Mid-Columbia region, with service to minority and first-generation college students, as well as those who choose to attend college while living close to home. We will be known as a campus rich in its cultural diversity, as the only four-year public institution in Washington with Federal designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).

We will be known nationally and internationally for signature programs supported by funded research in the engineering, sciences and technology disciplines, attracting research partnerships, world-class faculty and international graduate students.

We will have centers of distinction with global impact and reputation in bioproducts and clean energy, precision agriculture, viticulture and enology, and STEM education, supported by partnerships.

We will be a vibrant residential campus with facilities and services that support "24/7" campus life, engaging students and community in activities, sports, lectures, cultural events and performances.

Residents, organizations and businesses will experience the campus as integral to their quality of life and the region's identity.

Our goal is to be highly valued by students for the depth and breadth of our academic quality, for our personalized education and small class size, and for the richness of faculty and student engagement connecting theory to practical applications.

Contact us: (509) 372-7258
Washington State University Tri-Cities, 2710 University Drive, Richland, WA 99354-1671 USA