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Undergraduate Advising & Learning Center

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This site gives you a lot of academic information, such as:

  • Course Catalog for entire University
  • Official Major and Minor Requirements
  • Academic calendar
  • Academic regulations
  • Cancellation of enrollment
  • Change of campus form
  • Petitions


This site gives you specific information regarding:

  • Adding and dropping courses
  • How much you owe in tuition and fees
  • Your Financial Aid award
  • Your Degree Audit (DARS), which shows the degree requirements you still have left to complete for graduation
  • Access to Angel, the online learning environment for your classes

Financial Aid:

  • Contact information to the Financial Aid and Scholarship office at WSU in Pullman
  • The University code needed when filling out your FAFSA
  • Entrance and Exit Student Loan Counseling information
  • Scholarship information
  • Application for summer financial aid

Useful Links Specifically for the Tri-Cities Campus

Academic Calendar

Campus Events Calendar

Career Development Center

Class Schedules

Counseling Services and Student Success Workshops
West 269E •

Disability Support Services
West 269 •

Events & Leadership
Student Lounge •

Junior Writing Portfolio

Learning Center Resources

Student Involvement
West 269 •

Student Resources

Tuition & Fees

Tutoring Center
CIC Library •

Veterans Affairs
West 203D •

Writing Center

Definition at WSU

Academic advising is an educational relationship where students and advisors are partners in planning academic, personal, and career goals. It fosters intellectual and personal development toward academic success and self-directed life long learning. (2/07)