WSU Tri-Cities

Undergraduate Advising & Learning Center

Dear student:

Welcome to e-advising, which is intended to expedite and make more efficient your mandatory advising session for this semester.

E-advising is for those students who are familiar with reading their degree audits, their remaining requirements, and have met with their advisor at least once before. If you have never been advised by your academic advisor, you must meet with her before accessing e-advising.

There are several important pieces of information you should be familiar with before beginning your e-advising session.

  • You must know your WSU ID number and have read your degree audit/advisement report.
  • Once you’ve submitted your intended schedule, an email will be sent to your advisor who will analyze your degree needs and remaining requirements.
  • She will assess whether the courses you have chosen are appropriate for your degree and major.
  • In a couple of days you will receive a reply email from your advisor with any further instructions, requests, clarifications, comments or questions.
  • If your course choices are appropriate, your advisor will give you permission (i.e., release your advising hold) so that you may register for classes.

Your e-advising submission does not constitute registration for classes. You are responsible for registering for classes via your Zzusis account after receiving a reply from your advisor. Be aware that you may be asked by your advisor to schedule an appointment if necessary.

I agree Biological Sciences Majors
I agree Business Majors
I agree Computer Science Majors
I agree Civil Engineering Majors
I agree Digital Technology & Culture Majors
I agree Electrical Engineering Majors
I agree English Majors
I agree Environmental Science Majors
I agree History Majors
I agree Humanities Majors
I agree General Mathematics Majors
I agree Mechanical Engineering Majors
I agree Nursing Major and Pre-Nursing Majors
I agree Physical Science Majors
I agree Psychology Majors
I agree Social Sciences Majors
I agree Viticulture & Enology Majors

Your Advisor:

  • Does: help you to understand the requirements and helps you devise a plan of study.
  • Doesn’t: tell you what to do. She only makes suggestions.

In the end you are responsible for completing the requirements according to WSU policies so that you graduate.