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Reading your degree audit

Go to zzusis
Enter username and password
Click on “Academics”
Click on “Register and Plan”
Click on “Degree Audit Report”

Once on the page marked “Degree Audit Report”, you have the option to look at your “Current” degree audit (if you’ve certified your major) or “What If?” (if you haven’t certified your major or wish to see what your degree audit looks like if you were a different major, this is the option you should choose. Keep in mind that you should only look at the majors that WSUTC offers as all majors for all WSU campuses are listed).

Your degree audit is divided into the following sections:


  • This gives you a glimpse of which broad requirements have been met and which have not. Red indicates requirements left to be completed. Green indicates that requirements have been met.

University Requirements:

  • This section refers to your University General Education Requirements (GERs). These are the requirements of all students no matter what the major. They include your English, Math, Science, Arts & Humanities, and Social Sciences (typically) lower division courses.
  • As you look over the summary, important things to look for are:
    • Your class standing (sophomore, junior, etc.)
    • The credits you’ve earned, the credits that are in progress (IP), and the credits needed (remember that our degrees require that you have a minimum of 120 credits to graduate).
    • The upper division credits you need to graduate (remember that you need to have at least 40 credits of upper division course work).
    • Your grade point average (you must maintain at least a 2.0).
    • Whether your Writing Portfolio (WP) is completed (as with other requirements, when the WP has been completed AND passed, this line will turn black. Otherwise it remains red, indicating that it hasn’t been completed).
    • When to complete and submit the Graduation Application (as soon as possible after you reach 70 credits).
  • If you completed your AA (and submitted a transcript with the AA posted), this area of the degree audit will most likely be completed.

College Requirements:

  • This section refers to your College GERs. These are the additional GERs that are required by your college, above and beyond what the University requires. Different colleges (like the College of Business or the College of Education) require different GERs. *
  • Like the University GERs, when the requirements need to be filled, they show up red on the degree audit. When the requirements are met, they show up green on the degree audit.

Major Requirements:

  • This section refers to the requirements of your chosen major. **
  • Like the GERs, when the requirements need to be filled, they show up red on the degree audit. When the requirements are met, they show up green on the degree audit. Each semester when choosing classes, make sure they will fill the requirements that are showing in red. Your advisor can give you advice as to which classes to take, as many classes have pre-requisites and are only offered once per year.

If you have any questions about how to read your degree audit, please contact your advisor.

*A note on Foreign Language (FL): The FL requirement can be waived if you completed two years of the same FL in high school and submit an official high school transcript. The FL requirement, however, is NOT updated automatically in the degree audit and must be manually updated by your advisor. If you’ve submitted a high school transcript and it still shows up red on the degree audit, let your advisor know at your next meeting and they will manually update the degree audit.
** A note on General degrees: The requirements for these majors must be manually entered by your advisor, and so the Degree Audit does not automatically pull the classes in to fill major requirements. Keep track of classes you have taken for your major, and ask your advisor to update your Degree Audit when you meet with them.