Washington State University Tri-Cities

Office of Student Involvement

Student Spotlight

Daniel Arnold

Declared major?
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

What have you been involved in?
Northwest Collegiate Ministries Club leadership, ASWSUTC Senator

Tell us who YOU are, and why you feel like you BELONG here.

WSU Tri-Cities was the only four-year institution I applied to; I never really considered other schools. As a long-time resident of the Tri-Cities area, I completed my lower-division classes at Columbia Basin College; transferring to the Tri-Cities campus of WSU was a natural move for me.

What are your future plans after you graduate?

This year I'm taking a full load of classes toward my Master's degree and applying for jobs to start working full time after spring semester.

How has being involved at WSU Tri-Cities benefited you? WSU Tri-Cities has allowed me to work internships in my discipline while taking classes. Those opportunities to connect my classroom learning with real-world experiences have helped jump-start my engineering career. My involvement in clubs and student government has sharpened my public speaking abilities and given me additional experience in organizing groups of people to work toward a common goal.

Nothing is perfect.
WSU Tri-Cities is a small but growing campus. Student life has gained tremendous momentum over the last few years, and your involvement has the potential to make a significant impact on the campus community.