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Conduct Board Authority

Article I: Authority for Standards of Conduct for Students

WAC 504-26-100 Composition of conduct and appellate boards.

(1) The university conduct board shall be composed of five individuals appointed by the vice-president for student affairs: Two students, two faculty members, and a fifth person, who may be any category of university employee and who shall be named by the vice-president for student affairs as the chairperson of the board. Any three persons constitute a quorum of a conduct board and may act, provided that at least one student and the chairperson are present.

(2) The appeals board shall be appointed by the vice-president for student affairs. It shall be composed of three persons, including the chair. The chair shall be a university employee. the other members may be university employees or students, provided that the student members have had at least one academic year of service on the University Conduct Board. Three persons constitute a quorum of the appeals board.

WAC 504-26-101 Convening boards.

The student conduct officer convenes boards from the appointed board membership for each conduct matter and for appeals decisions.

WAC 504-26-102 Policies.

The vice-president for student affairs or designee shall develop policies for the administration of the standards of conduct for students system and procedural rules for the conduct of university conduct board hearings that are consistent with provisions of the standards of conduct for students.

WAC 504-26-103 Decisions.

Decisions made by a university conduct board and/or student conduct officer become final twenty-one days after the date the decision is signed, unless an appeal is filed prior to that date.

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