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Services & Activities Fees

Services & Activities Fees Committee

The Services and Activities (S&A) Fees Committee’s functions are to (1) recommend allocation distributions for the student services and activities fees of the its designated campus, (2) review and approve the S&A fee percentage annually, and (3) determine allocated fee expenditures are in agreement with state law and University policy.

The S&A Facilities Committee has been absorbed by the S&A Fee committee and, therefore, facility requests should be indicated under the one-time allocation on the request form for the S&A Fee Committee.

Important Dates

Activity Date Time Location
Group Trainings Tuesday, 2/11 12-2 p.m. West 136D
Wednesday, 2/12 2-4 p.m. West 136D
Proposals Due Friday, 3/14 5 p.m. SARequest@tricity.wsu.edu &
in-person sign up for proposal
hearings in West 269A
S&A Proposal Hearings & Deliberations Monday, 3/24 12–1 p.m., 3–4 p.m. CIC 125T
Tuesday, 3/25 3–4 p.m. CIC 125T
Wednesday, 3/26 12–1:30 p.m., 3–4 p.m. CIC 125T
Thursday, 3/27 3–4 p.m. CIC 125T
Friday, 3/28 1–2 p.m., 3–5 p.m. CIC 125T
Letter to Chancellor Monday, 3/31 5 p.m. Office of the Chancellor
Letter to President Monday, 4/14 5 p.m. Office of the President
Student Services, 2710 Crimson Way, Washington State University Tri-Cities, Richland, WA, 99354-1671
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