Washington State University Tri-Cities

Campus Safety Plan

Other Safety and Security Concerns

Prevent theft by locking your office whenever you're out of sight

As our campus grows, it is becoming even more important to safeguard data, equipment, and personal valuables. It takes less than a minute for something to disappear out of your office.

I recognize that this is a significant cultural shift for WSU Tri-Cities, but having more people on campus simply means more opportunities for something to disappear. Sadly, two laptops were stolen out of offices today during the lunch hour. This is the first theft of this kind at WSU Tri-Cities. We hope it will be the last — but it will take a new level of vigilance.

Please start closing and locking your door whenever you are going to be out of sight of your office.

Unattended Children/Minor Visitors and Access to University Facilities

Because of safety and liability concerns, children are not to be left unattended on the WSU Tri-Cities campus while their parents are attending class, meetings, etc.

In order to access public areas of campus, children under 14 years of age must:

  • Be supervised by parents or guardians, or
  • Be participating in University-sponsored activities that include supervision by University personnel

Restricted areas within departments: Visitors and volunteers may access restricted areas when supervised by authorized University faculty or staff. Minor visitors under 18 years of age must be directly supervised by authorized University faculty or staff.

If you notice a child who appears to be unattended at any time (including evenings and weekends), please call Fred Miller, the campus Emergency Response Coordinator, at 372-7234. Efforts will be made to locate the parent and ensure the safety of the child and/or have the child taken home.

For more information, visit www.tricity.wsu.edu/safetyplan or refer to the BPPM 50.20.2 rules for Facilities access at www.wsu.edu/~forms/PDF/BPPM/50-20.pdf



WSU has recently been advised of a serious and ongoing problem with a faulty power strip/surge protector, model number P-50ES made by EFI. The following three separate fire incidents reported by a federal agency were caused by the faulty power strip/surge protector:

  1. The surge protector shorted out and popped a breaker.
  2. The surge protector shorted out causing a minor fire that employees put out with a fire extinguisher. This burned the carpet (about a 6" circle) and a little on the free standing partition.
  3. The surge protector was at the site of the major fire the agency suffered.

WSU facilities requests that you check every device in your space including any system that is using a power strip/surge protector (office equipment, individual workstation equipment, EMS, work bench etc.). Any power strip/surge protector you find listing the above model number should be replaced immediately.

WSU appreciates your attention and diligence in responding to the above potential fire danger.


When we experience extremely hot temperatures, please make sure you and your family are protected with shade, hydration and sunblock. We remind you that your four-legged friends also need shade and water — especially if they’re outside for any length of time. Pets left in truck beds while their owners are in class or at work tend to raise concerns among the campus community. Please make sure your animal friend will remain protected during your entire stay on campus.

Resources for animal lovers:

Heat tips for humans: