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Tips For Students in AMS Classes


In general, AMS is open from 8:00am-10:00pm Monday through Thursday, and from 8:00am-5:00pm on Friday. AMS is closed on Saturday and Sunday. If you come to AMS and we are closed please call us from a campus phone at 2-7203 and leave us a voice message. We will contact you as soon as we are able.

AMS is fully interactive. The microphones are always on. Other sites can hear comments (even whispering). Don't say anything you wouldn't want everyone to hear. When speaking, normal conversation voice levels are sufficient. PLEASE do not tap on the microphones or place books/paper on the microphones as this causes audio disturbances. Also please do not unplug the microphones.

All homework turned into AMS must have YOUR NAME, COURSE NAME/NUMBER, the INSTUCTOR'S NAME, and the AMS SITE at the top. We recommend keeping an extra copy of your submitted material. Homework must be turned in when the professor requests. The CAMPUS courier leaves the Control Room at 2:00pm. Homework handed in before 2:00pm will go out that same day. All others will go out the next day at 2:00pm. If homework is handed in late, it will be marked with the date/time it is received. Please come to the control room (222W) before or after class to pick up and/or drop off homework.

Handouts will be distributed when the instructor calls for them. If you miss a class or need another copy, please contact your AMS Operator in Room 222W or Call 372-7203.

Class lectures are routinely encoded for video streaming. If streaming is approved by the instructor, the course streams may be viewed at: http://www.ams.wsu.edu/. Click on the "Streamed Classes" link, find your course, enter your network ID and password, then select the date you wish to view. Streams are generally kept on the server for the full term. They are primarily intended for students who miss class due to illness, emergencies, etc. The streams are not intended to take the place of attending class.

If you have any questions, please contact the Tri-Cities Integrated Academic Technologies Control Room at 372-7203.

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