WSU - Tri Cities

Graduate Research Appointments

Two types of Research Assistantships are possible at WSU Tri-Cities (WSUTC), one funded by the Electronic Materials Laboratory (EML) at the WSUTC campus and the other funded by Battelle Laboratories. Research work conducted under Dr. Olsen's direction in EML involves investigation of solar cell materials. Research Assistants funded by Battelle Laboratories (also called the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) may work in ceramics, advanced materials for automobiles, superconducting films, thin films and many other areas.

These Research Assistantships pay $ 1300/mo plus tuition. RA's working at Battelle are funded through the Associated Western University (AWU) fellowship program, while RA's working at WSUTC are funded through WSU.

Graduate students take 21 credits of MSE course work at the Tri-Cities campus and 9 credits of MS thesis to complete the requirements for a MS degree in Materials Science and Engineering. Students usually obtain a M.S. degree in two years or less. Many students go on for a Ph.D. by returning to the Pullman campus for one year to satisfy a one-year residency requirement (only for the Ph.D.) and then return to WSUTC to carry out the Ph.D. thesis work either at WSUTC or Battelle. On the other hand many Dr. Olsen's students have entered the electronics industry after obtaining their M.S. degree, and many of the Battelle M.S. students have been able to obtain full-time employment at Battelle, or at some other industrial firm.

If you are interested in graduate studies at WSU Tri-Cities, and in applying for a Research Assistantship, please contact Dr. Olsen at the address given below, or by telephone or E-mail. Please send an unofficial copy of your transcript, a resume if you have one and a letter of recommendation from one of your professors.

      Dr. Larry C. Olsen
      Coordinator of Materials Science And Engineering
      2710 University Drive
      WSU Tri-Cities
      Richland, WA 99352

      Telephone: (509) 372-7221