WSU Tri-Cities

Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Program

The educational objectives of the undergraduate mechanical engineering program are as follows:

  1. To produce graduates with an understanding of fundamental mathematical and scientific principles and the ability to apply these principles to relevant engineering problems, so that they can function effectively in their chosen profession and graduate studies.
  2. To produce graduates with the technical knowledge, hands-on experience, and communication and critical thinking skills that will allow them to function successfully as members of technical teams in the global arena.
  3. To produce graduates with appreciation of the economic, social, environmental and ethical impact of their professional activities and a desire for lifelong learning.

The undergraduate curriculum emphasizes foundation courses at the third year which are fundamental to all aspects of mechanical engineering. These courses emphasize both analysis and design while accompanying laboratory courses provide opportunities for hands-on experiences. Computer applications are interwoven throughout the program. The courses in the fourth year emphasize the integration of fundamental engineering principles into various applications in mechanical engineering. The students also take two electives tailored to their interests and career goals. The undergraduate program is completed with courses in integrated design of mechanical and thermal systems as well as a capstone laboratory course. Graduates are prepared to enter the field as engineers or to continue into a graduate program. An engineering internship program is available for students to gain industrial experience during their academic careers.

Download a PDF that outlines the typical four-year course structure

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