Washington State University Tri-Cities

Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Changki Mo

Dr. Mo’s research interest includes vehicular and structural vibration control, energy harvesting: self-powered medical implants and self-powered structural health monitoring, micro actuators and sensors, adaptive structure technology, and smart structures for sustainable buildings.

Currently he is working on:

  • Surface reconfigurable device using thermally-activated shape memory polymer
  • Energy harvesting devices for smart buildings and agriculture application
  • Piezoelectric ultrasound power transmitting devices for medical implants
  • Investigating optimal current properties for electric stimulating to enhance bone cell proliferation.

Dr. Hamid Mazher

Dr. Mazher’s research interest includes modeling and computer simulation, CFD, dynamic modeling of turbulence, dice dynamics, boundary layer control, small satellite design, social modeling, engineering education and curriculum development.

Dr. Mazher’s current research topics include Dynamic Modeling of Turbulence and Assessing the Role of Homework in Learning.