Washington State University Tri-Cities

Computer Science

Resident Faculty

Dr. Bob Lewis

Dr. Bob Lewis

Program Coordinator
Associate Professor

West 134D

Bob Lewis (1998) received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. He also holds and MS in Computer Science and Engineering as well as an MA in Astronomy. Lewis came to WSU Tri-Cities in 1997 from University of British Columbia. His research interests include computer graphics, numerical analysis, computer vision as well as computer animation and computer-aided design for electrical engineering.

Dr. John Miller

Dr. John Miller

Associate Professor

West 134E

John Miller (1971) received his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from University of Virginia. Miller came to WSU Tri-Cities from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he is still an Emeritus Scientist. His research interests include bioinformatics and computational biology with an emphasis on their application to human health and bio fuels.

Dr. Li Tan

Dr. Li Tan

Assistant Professor

West 134L

Li Tan (2002) received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He also holds an MS degree in Computer Science from both University of New York at Stony Brook and from Fudan University, Shanghi. Tan cam to WSU Tri-Cities in 2007 from The MathWorks Inc. where he was a research engineer. His research interests include software engineering with specialty areas of cyber security and resilient systems, software testing and analysis, model-driven design, agricultural information system, and supply-chain analysis and modeling.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Antoinette Austin — Bechtel National, Inc.
  • Kerry Bragg —Battelle PNNL
  • Courtney Corley
  • Dr. Neil Corrigan — Mission Support Alliance
  • Evan Felix — EMSL
  • Dr. Kevin Glass — Battelle
  • Lars Kangas
  • Brian LaMarche — PNNL
  • Michael Leseberg — Richland School District
  • Russell Swannack — Battelle, PNNL
  • Nathan Tenney — EMSL