Washington State University Tri-Cities

Computer Science

Connecting via remote access

Shell access

You can login to our Unix server machine remotely using ssh. This provides a terminal (text based) interface to our linux server.

Use ssh like this:

you@yourhost$ ssh your_username@elec.tricity.wsu.edu

Windows users, download PuTTY ssh here. Save it to your desktop. When you run it, type elec.tricity.wsu.edu into the box labeled Host Name, then select the SSH dot under Protocol. go back to Session and type in CSLAB in the Stored Sessions window and press Save. Now double-click on CSLAB to connect. The PuTTy homepage is http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/.

File Transfer

scp [secure copy] is the preferred way of trasfering files back and forth. Unix scp should come with ssh, and a graphical version of scp for Windows is available at WinSCP. You might also take a look at the WinSCP homepage.

Use unix scp like this:
you@yourhost$ scp your_username@elec.tricity.wsu.edu:remotefile localfile
you@yourhost$ scp localfile your_username@elec.tricity.wsu.edu:remotefile

If you use a "." in place of the filename in the second argument, a copy will be made in the current directory with the same file name as the original. (That is, it works the same way as rcp or cp).

People who have linux at home can also access their files graphically through Konqueror (the KDE browser). You will need to ssh to elec.tricity.wsu.edu first, and accept the host key. Use the following URL:

If you have problems, comments or suggestions, email the System Remote Access Coordinator at tchelp@tricity.wsu.edu.