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Cherish Tijerina Pearson
Disability Services Coordinator

West Building 269 J

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Student is allowed the following during the exam/test:

No. 2 Pencil


Scratch Paper


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To facilitate the transfer of the exam/test to our proctor, please choose from the following options:

I (the instructor) will e-mail the exam/test to the proctor at

I (the instructor) will deliver the exam/test to Disability Services.

I (the instructor) will send the exam/test through campus mail in a sealed interdepartmental envelope.

How would you like the exam/test returned to you?

I (the instructor) will pick up the exam/test from the Disability Services office.

Date (2/20/12): Time:

Put in campus mail in a sealed envelope.

Scanned and e-mailed back to me (the instructor) in a PDF file.

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