WSU Tri-Cities

Advancement & Regional Development

Campaign for WSU Tri-Cities

Through your gifts to Washington State University Tri-Cities, our vision can be realized. In essence, we have envisioned two paths to achieve our goals for this campus in the next decade — Signature 2020 and Destination 5000.

Private donations through the campaign for WSU Tri-Cities will support both Signature 2020 and Destination 5000 and help us build for the future — not merely the future of the university but the futures of our graduates, the community and regional employers.

Signature 2020

Support for the Signature 2020 campaign enable this campus to build upon, excel in and become known for three signature programs: Sustainable Energy, Wine Science, and K-12 STEM Education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). These three signature programs capitalize on existing strengths and will draw students from far afield who want to learn from the best faculty in areas that will dominate the new economy of the 21st century.

WSU Tri-Cities' student body had grown more than 45 percent since 2006. We must grow our resident faculty to keep pace with the growth of the student body and to further develop our Signature 2020 programs. Funds raised for Signature 2020 will create a “bridge” to a future that will become self-sustaining. This bridge funding, realized from regional corporate and private donations, will go toward increasing and strengthening key faculty positions.

Destination 5000

You can help advance the fastest-growing and most diverse campus in the WSU system. By 2020, we expect to draw 5,000 students to WSU Tri-Cities, many from beyond the Mid-Columbia. These students will need a variety of support services and a vibrant 24/7 campus atmosphere to succeed and make the most of their college experience.

To draw the best, brightest, and most diverse student populations, much of the funds raised for Destination 5000 will go toward student scholarships. Facing the burden of increasing tuition, nearly 70 percent of WSU Tri-Cities students are receiving some sort of financial aid. Applications for scholarships increased 300 percent in just one year.

The WSU Tri-Cities campus was once only an idea to fill a need until supporters made it a reality. With your support today, we can realize our vision of growth and a reputation for excellence.