WSU Tri-Cities

Computing and Networking

Troubleshooting wireless connection problems

If you are having problems connecting to the WSUTC Wireless network you can bring your computer by our office anytime during our normal office hours and we can help you get your problem resolved. Below is a list of common problems and how to solve them.

  • Problems connecting to WSUTC Wireless
    • Try manually adding the network
    • For Windows try un-checking the box to verify server identity if it works with that box unchecked you need to update your certificates. Our server uses the Starfield certificates located at
    • For OS X delete the stored 802.1X profile then disable/enable your wireless
  • Problems detecting the WSUTC Wireless network. There can be sevral reasons for this here are some things to try.
    • Check that your wireless is switched on (can you see other networks?)
    • Refresh the network list
    • Update¬†your wireless driver (for Windows computers)
    • Manually add the network
    • Select the option for connecting to a hidden network or connect to a non-broadcasting network
  • Problems with the wireless disconnecting and reconnecting.
    • Try to find an updated wireless driver (for Windows computers)
    • Select the option for non-broadcasting or hidden wireless network
    • Delete the WSUTC_PUB or WSUTC Visitor network from your list of prefered networks.