WSU Tri-Cities

Computing and Networking

Student Printing

Printing to network comptuers is available for all students with a WSUTC computer lab account.


Students are given a one time 200 page print allowance when they first start printing, extra pages can be purchased from the Copy Center or from Student Accounts for $0.05 per page. You can check your print balance by going to from on-campus.
*Note: Since students receive a one time credit of $10 to their account, "zero" balance will actually show as "($10.00)" (negative $10).

Printing Methods

  • From the computer labs labs - All WSUTC computer labs automatically connect to the printer in the lab.
  • Quick web print - You can quickly print Office documents or PDF files at (from on-campus only).
  • From your laptop
    • First you need to be connected to the WSUTC_ENC wireless network.
    • Windows computers will need to connect to \\ and install one of the available printers (you will need to enter your WSUTC computer account password)
    • OS X users will see¬†printers published on the network.