WSU Tri-Cities

Computing and Networking

Uploading Files for Personal Web Space

* Students needing access to upload files will need to request a unix account, and can do so by calling 372-7334 or emailing Once we have created it, the password will be the same as your WSUTC computer account.

** If you need your site to have any server backend frameworks (wordpress, php, etc), we recommend that you try other hosted services instead. We only allow static content for user sites.

Creating your WSUTC Web space using Usermin

  1. Go to the usermin website. (
  2. Login with your WSUTC username and password.
  3. Select Custom Commands.
  4. Click "Setup personal web space"

Uploading files using Usermin

  1. Go to the usermin website. (
  2. Upload simple files using the Upload and Download link
    1. Click "Upload and Download"
    2. Use the "Browse..." buttons to select the files you need to upload (up to 4 at a time).
    3. Click "Upload"
    4. Files are accessable as (this is case sensitive).
  3. OR Manage files using usermin file manager (requires Java)
    1. Select File manager from the main Usermin screen
    2. Place items in the public_html folder.
    3. Items under public_html are accessable as

Password protecting files

  1. Go to the usermin website. (
  2. Select "Portected Web Directories"
  3. Click on "Add protection for a new directory."
  4. Select the protected path (the default setting will protect your entire personal web space).
  5. Select an Authentication realm (something like yourname's private files).
  6. Click on create.
  7. Click on "Add a new user."
  8. Select a username and password for access to the site.
  9. Click create.

Uploading Documents Using A SFTP Client

Examples of SFTP clients are FileZilla or WinSCP.

  1. Put in the Host field and select SFTP as the protocol.
  2. Open the folder named public_html in the remote view.
  3. Drag and drop files into this folder.
  4. Make sure you can see the files when you browse to<your-username>