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This form is used to request a WSU Tri-Cities network account. The WSU Tri-Cities network account is used for access to the labs in CIC 219, West 145, West 223, ASWSU Student Lounge, the library, and it may also be used for access to the WSUTC_ENC wireless network. Accounts for the EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - W151 lab) systems are maintained separately. For any other type of account (WSU Pullman Network Account, WSU Pullman UNIX account, etc., contact the WSU Pullman IT help desk, or navigate to the Pullman IT website

If you already have a WSU Tri-Cities account and want to change your password go to the WSU Tri-Cities password maintenence site. DDP (Distance Degree Program) students may be required to have either WSU Tri-Cities accounts or WSU Pullman accounts, or both. Occasionally, accounts at other branch campuses or Pullman colleges may also require separate accounts. If you are unsure of the type of account you require, ask your instructor to give you more detailed information. If you are still in need of assistance, contact either the WSU Tri-Cities helpdesk, or the WSU Pullman IT helpdesk.

If you have an account but don't know your password call the WSU Tri-Cities computer center help line at 372-7334.

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