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“This is Art”


This video was inspired by Keith Arnatt’s blunt photo declaration in “Trouser Word” and John Baldessari’s concepts of creating art out of words themselves. Our “stickers” make the statement that “this is art.”

Now exactly what is the art remains the mystery. Is it the words themselves like Baldessari’s? Or is it the object/placement of the sticker that is the art?

We made it a point to put a few of the stickers on blank wall — right smack-dab in the middle of the wall — so that the words themselves would become the art. Nothing else could be — or could it?

Now while a viewer can make this decision on his own, for us it is the performance of placing the stickers that is the art. We had to analyze our surroundings and pick places — if at random or by some underlying goal. Sometimes our goal was to place the stickers on things that weren’t necessarily considered art to get people to maybe look at this object in a different light...to “change people’s minds” about what they see on a daily basis. The viewer would see that sticker on some garbage and think about how that could possibly be considered art. Some may be able to see it as such while others are surely to become frustrated and turn away—but it is the thought process invoked by the placement of the stickers that is, for both of us I think, the true intent of the stickers.

We also took it a step further and placed the stickers on actual pieces of art to to identify them as such. It is kind of like when my sister and I put a sticker on the face of the hotdog guy at Sonic and the other employees asked, “How is that art?” and I simply replied, “Because I say so.”

Well, because we placed those stickers on certain items, we thus proclaimed them as art just as any other conceptual artist would create some bizarre new project that no one else would see as art and call it art.

Artists: Brittany Bogenreif and Kelly Johnson