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The order of the symbols

Spring 2008

This piece of art has multiple meanings. The symbols that we chose are iconic to our society as “peace,” “money,” and “death or sickness.” They are also important to us as young members of our society who would like to see a change. The order of the symbols in our video could represent this importance.

The video itself is hastened from the actual time it took to record it. Our world is never at rest. It has become expected of us to always be on the go, and never really stopping to notice what’s going on around us.

The last meaning I would like to point out is that our video plays forward then the same thing but in reverse. This represents the fact that history repeats itself over and over. We think that we can learn from our mistakes but we really don't.

Other important items to think about are camera movement from one symbol versus another, color choice for the symbol, and the order that we have them displayed on our video.

We created this piece of art to record by selecting mis-tinted paint at a retail store creating the element of randomness. We then chose important society symbols to paint in the oil on the glass. After the oil was thick and dripping we diluted the paint in a container with water before we applied it to the glass. Once the paint was on the glass we had to watch and wait to see if the oil was going to hold its picture as the paint rolled over it. Some worked and some didn't.

Artists: Jessica Magill and Kelly Johnson