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Artists’ Statement

We decided that we would highlight a topic that is of big importance in our society on one side of the coin, but Americans tend to turn their head to the other side. Americans squawk and scream about the pump prices but tend to look the other way when they fill up their 4mpg RV or jet boat for a weekend getaway.

Gas is a commodity that many people tend to take for granted. Since everyone else wastes gas, we decided we would too; by lighting it on fire!

In our video the spelling of the word “gas” starts out slow and each letter is given several seconds of screen time before the next letter is shoved in (there are no transitions). As the gasoline burns it is also turning into the form of a gas leaving behind the dark black soot on the ground and dark smoke in the air. The movie continues and the letters get so fast that it would be almost impossible for someone to tell what is being spelled out if they had not seen the slower portion before hand.

The speed in our video is representational to the speed that Americans go through gas. Billions of gallons used a day, not just in cars but at energy plants as well. The video starts when the letters are first ignited and ends when they have gone out leaving a blank (black) screen and the empty clicking noise of the lighter in the background.

What will life be like when we have no more oil? Will we be ready or left in the dark?

Artists: Jessica Magill, Thomas Fuller