WSU Tri-Cities

Event Calendars

Coug Clean-Up Day: Pledges, 2 p.m., West Atrium

Coug Clean-Up Day, presented by ASWSUTC

On March 12th: paper grocery sacks that Students can write a pledge on to help the environment. I will also have a sign up sheet for student that want to participate in a clean up of Bateman Island with Tapteel Greenway. Any one who signs up will get a t-shirt when they arrive at the clean up.

On March 22: the team meets at Sageport Grill and cleans up Bateman Island from 9-12.

To make students aware of our earth's environmental issues. I will be doing interviews of the students to see what their point of views are on our environment. The interviews will be video taped and the video will be shown on March 12th in the West Atrium on the T.V to draw attention to the table where students can write a pledge on paper grocery sacks. The grocery sacks will go back to the stores that donated them to get our pledges out in the community. At the table will be a sign up sheet to build a team to meet at Bateman Island and join Tapteal Greenway in a clean up project on March 22 from 9-12. I will make shirts for the volunteers.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 2:00pm