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MESA Regional Competition (tentative)

4/25/2014, FRIDAY


The Prosthetic Arm Challenge involves the development of a low-cost prosthetic device to complete the pre-defined tasks.

High school and middle school teams selected to participate at the local, regional, and national event and will compete in four components. A) Distance Accuracy Relay: greatest distance and accuracy achieved by tossing balls of three different sizes into target containers located at three different distances. B) Object Relocation Task: greatest mass-to-time ratio achieved placing objects of varying weight into specified container. C) Dexterity Task: Dexterity Task: greatest number of bolts/nuts correctly placed and secured onto the testing device. D) Design efficiency: greatest ratio of device performance to device mass. Middle school teams will compete in tasks “a” and “b”. High school teams will compete in tasks “a”, “b”, and “c”. All teams will be scored for Design Efficiency.

There will also be an Academic Display – Teams will present the findings of the above-described research in display format. The display Included items such as data (e.g., charts and graphs), photographs, drawings, other ideas, and any necessary written explanations.

Oral Presentation – Teams will give an oral presentation to panel judges based on investigation, experimentation, design, testing, and experiences related to their device. After the presentation, teams will be asked questions by the judges. Each competing team consists of 2-4 students who are active members of a MESA center.

By invitation

Friday, April 25, 2014 (All day)