WSU Tri-Cities

Event Calendars

APAC, 9 a.m., West 256

This month’s guest speaker is Terry Boston, Assistant Vice President of Administrative Services who will be speaking on the WSU Long Range Housing Plan.

Murrow 53
WSU Spokane(SAC 401A)
WSU Tri-Cities(TWST 256)
Puyallup REC(K 109A)
WSU Vancouver(DEN 301)
Mt Vernon(small aud)

A phone bridge is available at 509 335 9445 and the meeting ID is 02722.

Also as part of APAC’s outreach mission our Executive Council will be visiting other campuses to attend our monthly meeting from that site, as well as meet & greet our fellow co-workers. This month JJ Oliver (Sec/Treasurer) will be attending the meeting from the Mt. Vernon campus and Denise Faerber (Past Chair) will be at the Tri-Cities campus joining our Tri-Cities APAC member, Melanie Casciato. So if you have a moment, stop by.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 9:00am