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This week ASWSUTC encourages all of our fellow Cougs to be considerate to one another and serve random acts of kindness as humans are meant to do.

In celebration of WSUTC's 25th anniversary, enter into a raffle in the OSI office after you have done your random act of kindness. Winners receive a $25 dollar giftcard to Roasters!

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Good morning Cougs!! The vote for the Student Union Building is now open. This vote will greatly affect the future of WSU Tri-Cities' growth and student experience. Imagine the possibilities! VOTE YES, NOW!

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This Thursday: Come join student government and learn about the constitution, register to vote, and enjoy free snacks. See how you can apply the constitution here on campus!

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Today's Internet Slow Down is a voice towards #NetNeutrality
As student researchers, support open access!

"The battle for the internet is now." @Reddit

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Spirit Week ASWSUTC President with WSU Vice Chancellor twins supporting the WSU Tri-Cities Student Entertainment Board (SEB)

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Hey everyone! This is Quyen. Here is a video of the SUB (Student Union Building) Forum from last week. I apologize for the shaky camera and lack of tripod, however this video is for anyone who missed the event! Watch out for a video launch from ASWSUTC soon. You don't want to miss it!

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A piece of advice students tend to say is: USE YOUR RESOURCES. TOMORROW: there will be a good old fashioned gamed of jeopardy to learn what resources and services are right for you here on campus!

ICE CREAM AND SNACKS will be provided, as well as Starbucks gift cards awarded to the first winners!

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If you missed your chance to receive a free water bottle today in the West Atrium, ASWSUTC will be in the same place tomorrow 12-3pm.

We will continue discussion on the upcoming vote for the Student Union Building. Come quick, there is a limited amount of water bottles left!

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Good morning Cougs! See you this morning for some free breakfast in the West Atrium!

Sup Guys!

The Associated Students of Washington State University Tri-Cities (ASWSUTC) is the official student association for all registered students attending WSU Tri-Cities. The elected student leaders represent student interests, needs, and welfare on behalf of the WSU Tri-Cities students. The Student Entertainment Board (SEB) is an exciting organization that has the opportunity to program a variety of events for the students and community as WSUTC.

The two major objectives of ASWSU Tri-Cities are:

To represent student interests, needs, and welfare within the University and community at large on issues affecting student life. To initiate and coordinate activites and performances for students to attend.

Our sponsorship of student activites is our way of complementing the formal education students recieve on campus with non-acedemic activites and performances.

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