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2006 Exhibitions

Este es mi hogar / This is my home

No poster available for this exhibition.

March 20-April 7, 2006

A home is not simply the physical structure within which one lives. It is more than a house, apartment, trailer or shelter.

A home is a community, an emotional relationship, a foundation and much more.

How then, does our concept of home differ? Or does it in fact differ at all?

Participating Artists:

  • James Craig (WA)
  • Alex Emmons (NM)
  • Juan Guillermo Escobar (Spain)
  • Zanna Hess (CA)
  • Daniel Kariko (FL)
  • Ryan Sarah Murphy (NY)
  • Tracy Petre (WA)
  • Beverly Steigerwald (CO)
  • Rose Michelle Taverniti (WA)
  • M. Laine Wyatt (FL)

Images from the exhibition:

Rose Michelle Taverniti

Zanna Hess

Beverly Steigerwald, Daniel Kariko, Juan Escobar

Tracy Petre, Alex Emmons, James Craig

James Craig, Daniel Kariko, Juan Escobar

The State of Art in the Columbia Valley

No poster available for this exhibition.

April 10 - 28, 2006

A biennial juried exhibition that reported on the status of art in the Columbia Valley.

Participating Artists:

Kelley Muntean, Darcy M Coyne, Jane Abel, Morse Clary, Leigh Williams, Thelma Triplett, Carole L Degrave, Jan Crocker, Marianne McAnulty, Mary Dryburgh, MB Condon, David Hurlbut, Greg Pierce, Bonnie Griffith, Marivi Lavides, Jeff Nichols, Consuelo Soto Murphy, Linda Andrews, Robert McMinn, Emily Dirkes, Laura Gable, Marna Auclair, Tom Woodall

Reasonable/Unreasonable: A new normalizing discourse

No poster available for this exhibition.

September 4 - 21, 2006

Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between the "raving lunatic" screaming some apocalyptic vision into a megaphone on the street corner and a concerned citizen taking part in an anti or pro-anything rally in front of the capitol. Apart form the specific topic, they both look pretty "crazy," certainly not like you. It has been argued, that those who are "normal," the ones with the political, social and economic power, are responsible for blurring this line, for establishing a discourse that not only pushes all those who dissent (the others) to the fringes of society, but also for actually creating their subordinate identities. Those who are "normal" then get to decide what is reasonable and unreasonable with virtually no dissent from those within and are able to classify the totality of "others" as deviants. This exhibition brings together nine artists from across the US whose work addresses this system of ideas and knowledge. Their work questions and perhaps even alters the current idea of consensus, of what is reasonable or unreasonable.

Participating Artists:

Denise Burge (OH) Stephen Chalmers (WA)
MB Condon (WA) Samantha DiRosa (WA)
Douglas Gast (WA) Richard Fruth (OH)
Patrick Mills (OH) David Rosenthal (OH)
Joseph Stengel (WA)

Images from the exhibition:

Samantha DiRosa

Richard Fruth

David Rosenthal

Joseph Stengel (detail)

Stephen Chalmers

Denise Burge

MB Condon (detail)

Patrick Holbrook: Fields

No poster available for this exhibition.

October 2-19, 2006

“Patrick Holbrook's work investigates power structures, the construction of race and reality, pop culture, language, humor, performance, public intervention, and other themes. It is based in digital media but includes other materials as well, and has been shown by itself at Eyedrum and the Saltworks Gallery Project Room in Atlanta, Mercer University in Macon, A\V Space in Rochester, New York, and in group shows at venues such as the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC and The Shoebox Biennial in Minneapolis. Patrick has been teaching at the Georgia College & State University Art Department in Milledgeville since 2002, where he runs the digital media area, and also taught at St. Cloud State University for one year. He grew up in New Hampshire and received an M.F.A. in Art from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, and a B.A. with a double major in Video Art and Poetry across town at Hampshire College.”

Artist's website

Artist Statement

The pens represent the location and amount of air strikes in Lebanon during July 2006.

What we know is determined by what we can see. What we see is determined by what we know. In a feedback loop, things seem to change, but it's only based on the data that's already there. New points of reference are excluded. If we can't break out of the loop, we will be in a perpetual state of war with constructed enemies.

The outdoor drawing is based on a minefield map found on the internet. Would we stand for the production of mines if we had to deal with them in our everyday lives, like so many other people around the world do?

May subjectivity be collapsed by collapsing geographic space?

Unlike the map in the gallery, the outdoor drawing is non-specific: it's based on a real minefield map, but the location is withheld. How is meaning created when we don't have the context? How do we imagine remote spaces?

Images from the exhibition

Collections: Art, Kitsch and Other Personal Treasures

No poster available for this exhibition.

Oct. 30-Nov. 16, 2006


"My grandmother loved Hummel figurines. As a child, my sister amassed everything even related to horses and I now have a friend who avidly collects aprons. While the objects collected may be widely different from person to person, it seems that most of us possess the same relative desire to accumulate related objects ... or perhaps to store memories or meaning. What quality is it that makes us want, even need, to gather, save and arrange objects? What do we treasure and why? This exhibition will form a temporary collection of collections in attempt to shed light on this instinctive, and often intimate, phenomenon."

Selections from WSU MFA & BFA Candidates

November 27 - December 7, 2006

Selections poster

The Selections exhibition featured the results of several years of intense study by Washington State University Master and Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates. WSU Fine Arts faculty personally selected the work based on such qualities as aesthetic complexity and conceptual density.

Participating artists included:

Jennifer Gosciewski Matthew Green
Kendra Jones Amanda Lyon
Mike Richardson Shelly Stewart
Jamie Marie Waelchi Kristyn Weaver