WSU Tri-Cities

Art Exhibition Center

2005 Exhibitions

Coda Stone: Unstrung and Other Tales

Coda Stone

Jan. 30-Feb. 17, 2005

“My photography deals obsessively with gender and body image from a transman's perspective. With a compromised sense of self, I explore the edge between acceptance and defiance. Recently, my work draws from the Egyptian myth of Osiris, who is a regenerated man and a phoenix risen. By collecting scattered and discarded parts, I hope to create a greater whole. If I gather the parts, bringing together far flung aspects, perhaps there will be enough of me for others to see."

Images from the exhibition

Unstrung, Coda Stone

Inventory of a Transman, Coda Stone

Compromised #1 & #2, Coda Stone

Selections from WSU MFA & BFA Candidates

November 28 - December 9, 2005

The Selections exhibition featured the results of several years of intense study by Washington State University Master and Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates. WSU Fine Arts faculty personally selected the work based on such qualities as aesthetic complexity and conceptual density.

Participating artists included:

Daiken Asakawa Zach Mazur
Alric Balka Valerie Powell
Matt Boland Daniela Rumph
Matthew Green Jennifer Scott
Roman Lystvak Jamie Marie Waelchi

Images from the exhibition:

Untitled Daiken Asakawa

Tinkerbell Jamie Marie Waelchi

Looking Up #3 Matt Boland

Dance Aleric Balka