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Spring & Fall: Mona T. Ramos — mona.ramos@tricity.wsu.edu
Saturdays & Summer: Janice A. Olsen — janice.olsen@tricity.wsu.edu
Fax: 509-372-7173

The proctoring schedule has been developed with current data available and is subject to change. During inclement weather, any closures or delays will be posted on www.tricity.wsu.edu. Also, please check this website AND the proctoring calendar on the day you plan to take the exam to ensure services are available.

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Appointments are not required or scheduled except for urgent needs proctoring.

Urgent Needs Proctoring

Proctoring outside of the normal schedule will be considered on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstances. Send written request two (2) days in advance to the exam proctor explaining your situation.

Proctoring Fee

The fee for proctoring exams is $15 per exam and applies to WSU Online and non-WSU students. It does not apply to WSU Tri-Cities on-campus students and Disability Services Students. The nonrefundable fee must be paid prior to taking the exam. Please pay at the cashier’s window, East Building, Room 254 (between the Auditorium and the Commons). Proof of payment must be provided to the exam proctor at the time of exam. Multiple exams can be paid for at the same time but please request a separate receipt for each exam. Please note that cashiering and proctoring hours are not the same. The cashier (509-372-7498) hours can be viewed at www.tricity.wsu.edu/studentaccounts.

All Students

Be prepared to show photo ID. Personal items (i.e., purses, backpacks, hats, cell phones, notebooks, and electronic devices) are not allowed in the testing area unless otherwise specified. Once you start the exam, you will not be able to leave the testing area for any reason. Please take care of personal needs prior to starting the exam. Leaving the testing area during the exam will result in a completed exam. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete your exam within the scheduled proctoring hours. Regular proctoring hours cannot be extended for the completion of an exam.

WSU Tri-Cities On-Campus Students and Instructors

Exam proctoring for Richland on-campus students will be on an exception basis for extenuating circumstances and will be kept at a minimum. This rule does not apply to Disability Services Students.

STUDENTS: Pre-approval from Academic Affairs is required and must be requested in writing by your instructor. Please coordinate through your instructor or the applicable program coordinator. Please refer to 2014 exam proctoring calendar for service availability and contact the exam proctor in advance to confirm your exam has been received.

INSTRUCTORS: You must request proctoring approval in advance from Academic Affairs and explain the need for a proctored exam. This action is not required for Disability Services Students. Upon approval, complete the proctoring request form and forward to the exam proctor along with the exam. Please remind students to check the proctoring schedule for service availability.

Disability Services Students

The exam proctoring fee does not apply to Disability Services Students. Any questions regarding disability services should be addressed with the Disability Services Coordinator at ctijerina@tricity.wsu.edu or call 509-372-7352 or 1-800-833-6388. All other questions regarding exam proctoring processes and requirements should be addressed with the exam proctor.

STUDENTS: Students are expected to take and complete exams during the proctoring hours posted on the proctoring schedule, even when additional time is allowed. Please plan your arrival time to allow for completion of the exam before the end of office hours. Proctoring time will not be extended to allow for exam completion. Remind your instructor to submit the exam and the proctoring request form twenty four (24) hours in advance of the exam due date. Please contact the exam proctor prior to taking the exam to confirm your exam has been received.

INSTRUCTORS: Please complete and forward the proctoring request form along with the exam to the exam proctor twenty four (24) hours in advance of the exam due date. Your student’s exam will be proctored during the proctoring hours posted on the proctoring schedule.  Please remind the student to check the proctoring schedule in advance for service availability. Feel free to contact the exam proctor at 372-7191or send email if you have any questions or concerns.

WSU Online Students

WSU Online exams are either paper-based or computer-based and are administered in Angel Learning System. Exams can be taken in three different ways: 1) Proctor U, 2) online exam, supervised by an exam proctor, and 3) paper-based, also supervised by an exam proctor.

Request your exam through WSU Online by logging in to Zzusis. You will be required to complete a proctor nomination form provided in Zzusis. After completion and submittal, your exam will be delivered to the exam proctor.  You must submit a separate request form for each exam. Multiple exams can be requested and paid for at the same time. However, please request a separate receipt for each exam.

To request an exam and find the proctor nomination form, please follow the steps below.  Note: The proctor nomination form provided in Zzusis should not be confused with the request form for WSU Tri-Cities instructors.   These are two different forms with different requirements.

Log in to Zzusis at http://zzusis.wsu.edu

  • In the center column, scroll down to the pagelet called Proctored Exams.
  • If you cannot find Proctored Exams, select Online Students at the top of the page next to Main Menu.
  • Choose the appropriate exam you would like to request.
  • Choose Nominate a New Proctor and complete the form. For the exam proctor’s name and address go to the Proctoring FAQs link.
  • Please include your proposed exam date.

You may have to Refresh the main Zzusis screen and/or Proctored Exams pagelet if you experience any problems. After submitting your request, you will receive a confirmation message: “Your request has been received by WSU Online successfully”.  Zzusis will indicate the date the exam was sent to the exam proctor but will not state when they have received it. You will need to contact the exam proctor to confirm your exam has been received.

Please allow two (2) weeks for requested exams to be processed and delivered to the exam proctor. Passwords and paper-based exams will be delivered to the proctor within this timeframe.

If you still have questions with completing this process, please contact WSU Online at 1-800-222-4978, 1-509-335-0827, or send email to gcps@wsu.edu for assistance.

Non-WSU Students

Ask your school or instructor to send the exam and proctoring instructions to mona.ramos@tricity.wsu.edu or WSU Tri-Cities, attn: Mona T. Ramos, Exam Proctor, 2710 Crimson Way, Richland, WA  99354-1671. The phone number is 509-372-7191 and Fax is 509-372-7173. You may want to contact the exam proctor in advance to confirm your exam has been received.

If your school requires a hard copy of the completed exam, you will need to provide the exam proctor with a stamped, addressed envelope.

Mona Ramos

Academic Affairs, 2710 Crimson Way, Washington State University Tri-Cities, Richland, WA, 99354-1671
509-372-7217, Contact Us