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Max E. Benitz Memorial Library

Determining Availability of Library Resources

Reference and information specialists are available to answer questions at all times the Consolidated Libraries are open. Ask questions when further help is needed. The phone number for the Reference Desk is 509-372-7430. Questions my also be sent to Hours of operation for each unit are given at Consolidated Libraries.

The Benitz Library, the Hanford Technical Library, and the US Department of Energy Public Reading Room, three of the four components of the Consolidated Libraries have their own online catalogs, which may be searched for locally owned materials. The Southeastern Washington Business Information Center (BIC), the fourth component, does not have an online catalog and serves a select clientele of business owners in the region.

Search It, the online catalog for the WSU system, has listings for the Benitz Library which may be searched separately or in conjunction with other WSU libraries in the catalog. Search It is available for searching on all WSU Tri-Cities networked computers or on the Web by clicking on Search It at, the WSU Libraries home page.

Search It does not provide complete listings for the Benitz Library paper format journals, so a separate list, the WSU Tri-Cities Periodical List must be consulted. Paper copies of the List are available in the Consolidated Libraries as well as the online access.

A comprehensive listing of all journals available online to WSU users may be found by going to the WSU Libraries home page at and clicking on Article Indexes/E-Journals and then clicking on E-Journals Search and A-Z List.

WSU online indexing services are available by clicking on Article Indexes/E-Journals on the WSU Libraries Gateway page Indexing services may be searched alphabetically by name or by subject on the Article Indexes/E-Journals page.

Accessing these electronic resources directly over the Web from off the campus network requires submission of your name, as it is in your WSU records; your active ID number with additional beginning zero, if your ID number is less than nine digits; and a PIN or personal identification number, which you create the first time you enter it.

There are additional printed and electronic search services available from each of the Consolidated Libraries. Some of these services feature full-text of journal articles and other resources not listed in the online catalogs. These additional search services need to be checked either on the Web at the Consolidated Libraries before requesting materials from other libraries. Some are available only in the Libraries.

CBC students may borrow materials from the WSU Tri-Cities owned part of the Consolidated Libraries circulating collection and WSU students may borrow materials from the CBC Library. Materials from other WSU libraries are not available for loan to CBC students except through Interlibrary Loan in their own library.

The following options for requesting materials not available in the Consolidated Libraries may be used by WSU Tri-Cities faculty, staff, students, and Temporary Borrowers having active ID numbers. Materials may be requested either on Document Delivery from other WSU Libraries, or on Interlibrary Loan from libraries outside the WSU system. Search It is used to determine availability from WSU libraries and Summit, the Orbis/Cascade combined catalog, is used to determine availability of materials at other colleges and universities in Oregon and Washington when unavailable in the Consolidated Libraries.

Submit request order forms 1 of 8 ways:

  1. In person, using paper forms.
  2. Fax: 509-372-7281
  3. E-mail: Please follow our instructions for making requests by e-mail.
  4. Hanford Plant mail: H2 - 52.
  5. U.S. Mail: 2710 University Drive, Richland, WA 99352-1671.
  6. Using the Request Item feature for books in Search It and Summit, the combined catalog.
  7. On-Campus Interdepartmental Mail: Library attn: Circulation.
  8. The appropriate Web Request Order Form

For detailed instructions on requesting items see Document Requests.

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